Cafe Cop 2.1

Cafe Cop 2.1



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Cafe Cop is a complete Cyber Cafe Management software with a powerful and interactive interface which allows you the Cyber Cafe Owner to sit relaxed and leave all the Cyber Cafe Management activities on Cafe Cop. It comes packed with all essential features Viz., Time management for users, maintaining system security, Record maintenance, Remote Controlling clients, complete reporting, billing etc. With Cafe Cop its really easy to Manage and implement numerous Membership & Cafe promotion schemes. Your Cop s powerful security features gives you complete control over your Cyber Cafe and minimizes system maintenance time. It is a Cop plus Astute Business Assistant which improves business performance and helps in analyzing profits. Cafe Cop facilitates a better surfing experience to the users and builds an image for the cyber cafe, thus helping the cyber cafe in getting ahead of the competitors. Brief list of Cafe Cop features: 1) Time Management 2) Member Management (unlimited members & membership schemes3) System Security (over 50 system security and system tweaking options)4) Internet Explorer Security5) Analyzing Business Performance6) Monitoring Employees7) Promoting Cyber Cafe8) Remote Controlling of client terminals9) Website & keyword blocking blocking10) Cafeteria Orders11) Bill Generation12) Defining Custom Rates13) Slot Charges14) Safety Against Power Failure15) Application controlliong (allowing & disallowing)16) Automatic website installations blocking viz. dialers, active x components etc.17) Network monitoring18) Downloads blocking19) Printer tracking & reporting20) Remote client help request

Systems: Windows

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